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Pixels and Spice Photography.


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       As Published In ... 

        Exhibits and Artist Shows


Print/Online (Fashion)                                                                

Eclair Magazine (Paris, FRANCE / New York, USA)

Rebel Magazine (USA)

PUMP Magazine (USA)

Dreamy Magazine (California, USA)

Teen Cruze Magazine (USA)

Pinup Doll Australia (AU)



Group Exhibits

October 2022 - Queensland College of Art Graduate Showcase, QCA White Box Studio, South Bank, QLD. 
March 2020 - “FEMME – Celebrating Women in Photography” – CameraPro, Newstead, QLD

March 2020 - “Reality Bites” – QCA Project Gallery, South Bank, QLD

November 2020 - "Diary in times of Isolation" -  A collaborative project of international Arts Universities.  

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